About Us

Avio Service Ikar was established in 2003 as a small organization for basic and line maintenance of aircraft and helicopters, with a total of five full time employees, of whom three employees are licensed avionics with long years of work experience and acquired professional training by BHDCA, EASA, JAA, the Aeronautics Academy Belgrade, which is necessary for the operation of aircraft maintenance, with the regular extension of the authority.

The organization owns its own hangar and office space of 540 square meters. For greater awareness of safety in the maintenance of aircraft controls are carried out several times in the course of one year by the BH DCA (Department of Civil Aviation) and EASA Eu according to the needs and scope of contracted work, we hire and additional staff that is licensed and specializing in certain areas, such as consultants, engineers, dryers, refineries, electricians and others.

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